Latest Homescapes Hack in 2021

Homescapes is a match-3-slash-simulation game from Playrix. It gains massive popularity among game lovers. This game is quite similar to Gardenscapes. But Homescapes puts the player in charge of renovating a house through a series of tasks.

So, please do not mess up boys, it has a unique feature. And so, it already secures its top position both Android and iOS systems. As the day progress, the level becomes harder and harder. If you know Homescapes Hack, then it easy to beat the complex level at the first attempt. This article will give you all the information that you must know to become a pro player. Let’s dive into it.

What’s Homescapes About?

In Homescapes, you will see a butler named Austin returned to his childhood home. He found that it was not as pleasant as he remembers. So, he wants to change it up, and so he starts matching three or more of the same colored and shaped icons on the board. In this way, he can fix the carpet, furniture, and perform cleaning tasks.

Unlock The Secret Behind The Story Making:

Homescapes contains a feature that lets users create a story of their choice. You can create beautiful stories and share them with your friends around the globe. You can make your own story from scratch or choose from the available templates. It has different stories, such as Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, and Comedy. Players can change whenever they want.

Many elements in the game can be converted entirely by the player, which is visible from playable and non-playable character, appearance, clothing, etc. Some of the elements cannot be changed like the game background, music, themes because they all depend on the type of player options make.

Many features in the game can be purchased with coins, lives, star, which can be used to buy or open a new Homescapes story. Also, players can earn 4 free tickets every 3 hours, or they can buy them.

What is Special About Homescapes?

Homescapes is not an ordinary match-3 puzzle game.

If you want to win all the levels, you have to utilize various strategies. By doing so, you can clear the board and earn stars. You can simply earn coins by sweeping the floor. Gradually you face some hard stage; in this situation, you need some homescapes hack to overcome it.

Only adding decorations housing components does not make more fun; the Homescapes has some unique mechanics that make it stand out among others.

You have to match three or more the same color of the item so that you can remove the board and get a star. After that, you can use these stars to buy new furniture for the home or to perform tasks such as sweeping the floor.

But the interior decoration part is limited. Beginning at the game, you do not need to match the custom icons, tap them twice to activate them. There is some level that will have multiple parts, and you have to finish to move to the next one. By solving all, you’ll get your precious star. When you complete the puzzle, your companion on the screen will applaud you.

In this article, you will know in detail about homescapes hack and how to use is to get rid of a problematic level.

Homescapes Hack

How You Can Renovate Your Homescapes Room:

When you do not play match-3 levels and earn stars, you can spend the stars on house-related tasks with Austin. You have to checkmark on the left to unlock your tablet and see your To-Do List. As the story goes, you will have several tasks on this list, some of which cost more stars than others. However, it is not required to complete tasks to unlock new puzzle stages.

Like in Gardenscapes, you do not recover your stamina to finish the day, so there is no reason to delay doing so. You can go back anytime and edit or decorate furniture. If you want to change the style, you have to pay a small number of coins to unlock other styles. Just press and hold on the item you want to change. Immediately the menu pops up, also you can press another object that can be edited to change them too.

You can change your name or the name of each animal by tapping the icon at the top right and choose ‘Rename.’ Tapping objects throughout the house will get a response.

Homescapes Characters:

Katherine, Austin’s childhood friend – She is a young and beautiful neighbor of Austin. Like the story flow, we can consider her as the first love of Austin!

In homescapes official Facebook page, they said Katherine is a little younger than Austin. But you may think they have quite a big age difference. The interaction between Austin and Katherine is really cute and romantic.

Henry, Austin’s grandfather – Grandpa Henry is a lovable character. He starts a legacy of the Butler family. He was always gentle with the people around him. He upholds the name of the class butler in her way to manage household chores.

Though, cares and concerns for his family never end, even though Austin and his father Butler, too. Henry gets so many visitors since he returned to his hometown! So, you can say, Austin friendly personality came from his grandfather.

Homescapes Game Guide For Beating More Levels Without Using Boosters:

Look out for combos – you will get Homescapes rewards when you combine more than three objects of the same type. Like match-three games here also have some of the standard combos that will produce useful powerup. The following guideline will help you to clean up more objects at once. The basic boosters are as follows:

  • Paper Airplane – you have to combine four objects in the square to make a paper airplane. It will remove the four objects in the form of a cross and then fly to a random spot on the board and obviously tricky items such as chains, jelly, etc.
  • Rocket – this booster comes when you combine all four objects. A rocket will then clean up a full row or column. This cleaning direction depends on the rocket’s face.
  • Bomb – combine after five or more objects at the intersecting point. A bomb will erase everything around it. It will clean up three squares deep.
  • Disco ball – after matching five consecutives, this booster will appear. It will clear any similar objects on the board when you switch a disco ball with another object.

Try to get complex combos – sometimes, you will see a couple of boosters near one another. Don’t rush, play wisely. In this situation, try to achieve even more powerful booster, instead of deploying each separately. For example, by moving an aircraft and bombs, you get a booster that cleans air space usually. After that try, to clear the area so that the airplane can flies.

Think before you click – never use your paper airplane or other boosters automatically. If you stuck, then think about it, otherwise hold it for future use.

Prioritize goals – gradually, you will face a harder level as days progress. It becomes unsolvable if you don’t prioritize properly. You have to face some levels that are almost impossible to beat. In this case, clear all big obstacles first, such as clear 15 boxes, 10 red objects, and 6 green objects. If you avoid the major obstacles such as chained items, boxes, or jello blocks, you will have a tough time.

Also, you have to prioritize cleaning chain items over getting all the blue objects. By following these rules, you can clear up a lot of colored items that you need at the same time.

Use coins wisely – it’s a bad idea to use your coins to continue the level unless you really struggle with it. It is best practice to spend 900 coins for five more hearts of health, compare to take five more moves.

What power-up combinations are available in the homescapes game?

Combining the power-ups will produce a larger blast and clean more tiles. Here is the combination list:

  • Bomb + Bomb – it doubles the bomb effect radius
  • Bomb + Rocket – this combination removes three rows and columns of pieces
  • Rocket + Rocket – it removes one row and one column of tiles according to the Rocket pointing
  • Bomb or Rocket + Paper Plane – it makes the Paper Plane that take the Bomb or Rocket to a random tile
  • Plane + Plane – if you match this combination, you get three Paper Planes that target different tiles
  • Rainbow Ball + Rocket / Bomb / Plane – it makes all the pieces of one type into respective power-ups.
  • Rainbow Ball + Rainbow Ball – this removes all pieces from the field

Are You Searching For Homescapes Hack?

Homescapes games are highly popular and turned out to be a highly addictive one. Its users grew worldwide from Australia to America. Everyone wants to improve their level in the game, Right? Sometimes frustrating or other rivals encourage spending real money to buy virtual currency and coins. But there is a hidden technique within the game that can flourish your performance, and you can win the game.

This game is no rocket science or does not requires special skills. The main principle is that you have to invest coins and start again and again to get more lives and coins and vice versa. Without the currency, you cannot move any further, that’s for sure. If you want free coins, then first read the tricks mentioned in the article. This will increase your creativity in the game and open up a new dimension. Homescapes hack or free coins can help you to achieve your goal faster and effective way.

How To Use Homescapes Hack?

There is no mysterious technique for using homescapes hacks and tools. It is easy and straightforward to use. It worked perfectly so you can successfully get tons of stars and coins. It also comes with an incredible option, so no need for you to use your own money.

After you use Homescapes hacks and cheats, you will be able to enjoy all the facilities offered, such as unlimited coins automatically added to your account. You will also receive the power that you can use to open a different option.

Also, homescapes hacks and cheats help you to get the latest updates—cheats and hacks designed to help you get through the most stringent level. Using hacks and cheats properly, you can reach the final stage without any difficulty.

Homescapes Hack:

Now let’s discuss how you can achieve more coins and stars because those are only currency in this game. This following Homescapes Hacks will help you to do that.

  • Finish the day – you will get rewards such as a bomb, rocket, rainbow balls, or paper planes after finishing the day.
  • Tap the message icon – by tapping the message icon when it pops out. You will get free coins as a gift.
  • Join other Playrix games – you will see prompt notification while playing the game. If you install and join that game, you will get some extra coins.
  • Win match-3 levels – after finishing every matching three levels, you will get starts. It will vary by the level staus. Easy level produces one while difficult one gives you two. You can use these stars to renovate your home.
  • Join competitions and leagues – this is another homescapes hack. You will get rewards depending on your positions on the leaderboard.
  • Complete the level in minimum moves – always try to complete the level in minimum movies. The remaining steps will be converted into boosters.
  • Do not forget to collect daily rewards – homescapes frequently give your bonuses in the forms of coins, boosters, and extra moves.
  • Match four or move the same pieces – if you can match four or move the same pieces in a row or column. This will give you rockets, a paper plane, a T-shaped bomb, or a rainbow.
  • Connect to social media – these homescapes hacks are viral nowadays. These hacks not only give you cons, but also you can ask extra lives to your teammates.
  • Watch in-game advertisements – It’s annoying to see ads while playing games. But this can give you coins. So, if you need coins, try this simple homescapes hacks.

Homescapes Hack

There are some extra homescapes hacks that also help you to build up your natural skill:

  1. Some levels are tough to beat, but it is not impossible. Do not give up and be careful when creating your strategy.
  2. Check the destination before starting levels and try to match the pieces you need first to achieve your goals faster.
  3. Take a good look at the field of play before the start and plan out your first steps rather than making a random match.
  4. Try to make the game in the bottom of the field-falling pieces increases your chance of getting a match automatically.
  5. Keep on the eye to homescapes YouTube channel. It might help you to beat the levels faster.

Homescapes Hacks and Cheat Features:

The level is getting harder and harder as you progress in the game. If you get stuck at any stage, then you can use homescapes cheats to overcome.

They are some way to get through a difficult level by using homescapes hacks and cheats. You’ll get access to all kinds of resources in the game. It comes with the option of auto-update with the most advanced features of the game.

By using homescapes hacks and cheats, you can get more coins, stars, and life. It is also compatible with all types of devices such as Homescapes hack for Android, iOS, Windows, and many more.

Homescapes Hack No Human Verification:

You can download homescapes stars and coins generator without human verification for both android and iOS device. Anyone can use Homescapes hack no human verification tools as often as they like.

Just press on the generate button once, type your username, email, game ID, or any other information. After that, click on Hack Now Button – Input amount of resources with what you want. Wait for a second; the server is processing your request. So now you know the way how do you get unlimited coins on homescapes?”

Homescapes Pro Tips You Need To Know:

Wait for the matching opportunity:

It is quite easy to find matches when you are starting level. However, the level gets harder and harder, making it impossible for you. Where you cannot decide what pieces to match, then all you need to do is wait for a few seconds.

After that, you can see the game will highlight the best pieces to match. If there only three pieces match, then immediately do not click on the match and try to find better combinations such as four- or five-pieces match. It gives you more points and advantages when you are already at a difficult level.

Which booster should you choose?

You can take a pre-level booster. Double paper planes and rainbow balls are the best ones for starting the game. A dual paper airplane is helpful for cherry targeting levels, while balls are handy at any stage.

Take advantage of infinite retry booster

If you complete the daily goal and mission, you will be able to receive the gift boxes. Box contains the infinite retry boosters. It gives you endless opportunities to complete the level, but do not forget you have to do it within 30 minutes. You can complete as many stages as you can without hesitation.

When you have that opportunity, it is wise to select a mission that needs multiple stars. Also, make sure you play the game regularly so you will get your daily log-in rewards. If you play Homescapes for seven consecutive days, you will get all the required boosters and extra goodies too.

Final Thought

Homescapes is one of the best games made by Playrix. Many players like this game because it is loaded with fun and exciting properties. Each level is unique, but the game will be more difficult as the level progresses.

I know, you may get stuck, feeling helpless and frustrated. Fortunately, Homescapes hack and cheat will allow you to progress the game and get through even the most challenging level. By using homescapes hacks and cheats, you can win any level.

So, you can use hacks and cheats to avoid a shortage of coins and stars. It is free to use and guaranteed to be 100% secure. It is free from malware or viruses, too. Simply follow the instructions for use, and you are ready to play your favorite games. So, the next time when you are stuck at a problematic level, do not lose hope as homescapes hacks and cheats are available for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Safe for Children?
Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game that simulator paired with decorating the house and has no objectionable content. If any player wants, he can use real-world money to purchase in-game currency to buy power-ups. The game also promotes the ideology that is constantly upgrading things can bring happiness.

Children will learn about helping parents as they are fixing their parents’ home. Also, they will gain some cleaning knowledge, too. They will learn about pattern recognition and management of money.

How many levels in homescapes?
There are thousands of levels at Homescapes. On Sep 3, 2019, the highest level was 3200. Playrix frequently adds 25+levels of a week every. So, it is quite difficult to answer how many levels are in homescapes.

If you’re new to the game, then you know that the 24 levels are so hard. If you clear this level, then you can easily reach the level of 100, then 121 levels are challenging to complete. You may have this question about how you can clean up the hardest level? Right. Read the whole content, it will give all your question answer and clear your doubt, too. Children will learn about helping parents as they are fixing their parents’ home. Also, they will gain some cleaning knowledge, too. They will learn about pattern recognition and management of money.