Essential Cheats For Homescapes

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzles game developed by Playrix. If you want to master about it, you may need to learn some useful cheats for homescapes.

When Austin arrival at their traditional old mansions, he saw the whole house is a mess. To remodel and restore Austin’s parents’ house, you can help him clean each level and earn coins. Here you will get a simple guide on the best tips, tricks, and cheats to overcome difficulties, get more rewards, and eventually become the best player.

How to Get Started ?

When it comes to playing Homescapes, you should focus on the game and consider some crucial tips and tricks to get your desired progress. In the early stages, it is easy to solve puzzles and move to the next step. But as level progress, you will face some difficult stage. To overcome that stage, you will need the coins or stars. With the help of Homescapes hack, you can complete the hard phase and make faster progress.

In this way, you can also decorate the house to make it look gorgeous. Due to a lack of resources, some players struggle with various problems, but Homescapes Cheats can help you out.

Features of Homescapes Game

If you love DIY home renovation? Then you will enjoy this game. There are many things that you can do in a homescapes game.

  • First, your job is to renovate the entire house. You can do that by swap and match pieces. There is also required to do interior design. This is the place where you can decide how the house looks. When you have completed the renovation phase, you can go back and enjoy challenging levels.
  • In Austin’s big house, there is plenty of a secret to be discovered. Reveal them gradually. You will love those characters. It creates stunning gameplay— you will enjoy watching them interact with each other. All characters have different lifestyles. This game also has a lovely pet.
  • You may already know that you can invite and play together Homescapes game using social networks. Together you can make cozy home and warm yourself. I said earlier that each character communication with each other. Also, some character has a social media profile, is not it great? This game can let you create an atmosphere according to your preferences.

Easy Way to Collect Stars and Coins

You have to spend your collected coins and stars to decorate the house in the game. In this case, cheats for homescapes surely help you to get stars and coins faster. With the help of some free tools, you can easily make money to meet your needs. It just requires to follow a simple process to produce coins and stars. Beginners should consider this method because it can help you to get out of trouble quickly.

Visit the official website Homescapes Cheats to access the tool. After that, share your user name to make homescapes money.

Basic Knowledge for Starting Homescapes Game

Austin’s family wants to sell the old family mansions. But Austin does not want to lose the legacy of having a traditional house. He can save the house by solving several puzzles, earn stars, and redecorate the whole house. This can be a daunting task, but I will give you the easiest cheats for homescapes to make the whole process easier.

Where to Start Playing

You have to analyze properly before you slide anything. You might find something more technical spot than that. The blocks fall to the stage may be random, but the starting point is not. Looking for a good place to start the stage for a chain reaction. Try to start the stage with special blocks or with the big chains reacted place.

Combine Blocks for Victory

Only matching every three blocks is not the most effective progress. You can get rapid progress to group together more blocks that create a special block.  Such as four blocks in a row create a Rocket, which will remove the row either horizontally or vertically, on the other hand, a group of five will make a bomb. These special blocks allow you to activate a special ability to finish the level more quickly and get the best rewards.

How to Clear Box

Rockets are one of the most useful blocks in the entire game if you know how to use it. Using rockets, you can quickly clear difficult stages that have jelly or a box. Also, you can slide rocket to the next row into different positions.

How to Get New Carpet

At first, you have to cover the background of the carpet. Only clearing blocks cannot give you a fresh carpet – it is essential to clean rows that touches the carpet. Fortunately, bombs, airplanes, and rockets can help you to spread the carpet.

How to Change Rooms

If you are not happy with the decor, you’re getting from Austin mum and dad, then you can change it. It requires a few coins. When you want to change an object in the house, hold your finger over it; after that, you will get options on what you can change. Objects in the house don’t affect the game; make sure you are satisfied with your decorating.

Homescapes Cheats

Cheats for Homescapes With Additional Tips and Tricks

Save Moves as much as you can

It’s essential to save moves when playing the match-3 puzzle games like Homescapes. For newbie gamer, it will require more steps than usual, but continue playing and flowing some tricks you can clean that level with fewer moves.

Do you know why it is crucial? Because it will help you to get, a particular piece on the puzzle board for each save moves. These individual pieces will reveal themselves to be Rockets or Bombs. You know bombs can be set off for an explosion that will give you plenty of bonus coins. So, try to save as many moves as you can!

How to Cover Uncarpeted Spaces

Another key to success in Homescapes of creating Paper Planes. You can do it by matching four pieces in a square or box formation. After that, you can use it to break a locked piece for free. Also, you can use a Paper Plane to cover uncarpeted spaces on a vast scale. It is one of the best boosters with versatile uses.

Do not forget how handy booster the Rockets are for completing puzzle games. It can successfully clear rows or columns and spread a carpet where the Rockets are located. To spread it, you have to match all pieces on the carpet. It can be a lifesaver on carpeting levels when it is required to cover the entire puzzle board.

If you can’t do it efficiently, this stage can eat up your moves. Try to maximize your Rockets by using them the harder locations to clear columns and rows. Don’t waste your Rockets, identify the hard area to make the most significant difference.

The Power of the Rainbow Ball

Do not forget you can get a Rainbow Ball, by matching five tiles in a row or column.  It is of the most potent elements in Homescapes. Simply swapping the Rainbow Ball, you can eliminate every match color tile on the board.

Rainbow Ball is the best way to get through a game using as little moves as possible. Your goal is to collect individual tiles to create a Rainbow Ball and match it with the kind of tile to complete the puzzle quickly. If there is an opportunity to make Rainbow Ball, grab it up!

Different Type of Power-Up

Power-upFunctionsHow to get
RocketClears 1 row or columnMatch 4 in a straight line
PlaneClears 4 surrounding spaces, and 1 additional in another areaMatch 4 in a square
BombClears many surrounding spacesMatch 5 in a “T” or “L” alignment
Rainbow BallRemoves all one type elementMatch 5 in a straight line

Earn More Coins

There are various ways to earn coins in Homescapes:

  • Leftover moves can produce coins.
  • You will gain coins by completing a day’s worth of tasks.
  • Earn 1,000 bonus coins to connect Homescapes to your Facebook account; thus, you can play it with your friends.
  • Login and play every day to get bonus coins.

If you have enough coins and stars, it will be more accessible to furniture swap, buy Boosters, and progress through games. These tips, tricks, and cheats unquestionably help you become one of the best players in Homescapes.

Homescapes story cheats

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  • Y6qTqXgUov – star
  • i40eIEIJyD- boost
  • 2Fyq0tDOSQ – new levels
  • 5rnsEPsloF- offline mode
  • N1ZOf4HGuL – unlimited number of moves

Homescapes Guide that Every Player Should Know

Focus on Your Goals

Each level has a specific condition with fixed moves for completion. Make sure you follow these rules and carefully handle your moves. Otherwise, you may run out of steps before you can meet the goals.

Your created combo cannot help you if you waste your moves. To achieve your goal, you have to do something. For example, you can gain access to the cherry after removing the jelly from the board.

You can call success combined because you may collect cherries and remove the box from the board at the same time. Additionally, focus on eliminating the box to snag some cherries on the way. Think about the conditions and see which steps should be done first.

When You Get Boosters

Boosters are obtained as a reward, so it is best to only when you get stuck in a particular stage. This strategic use will allow you to continue to progress through the levels.

At level 8, you will see first boosters, Hammer. It can remove one block from the board. Bombs and rocket are opened at the level of 14. At level 16, you will be able to open the rainbow balls. Finally, you can open the paper plane at Level 20. Save Austin’s childhood home can be a daunting task, but with our Homescapes strategy guide, you will change his home in no time!

Know Your Power Ups and Their Functionality

Match three puzzle game has different types of power-ups that you can get just arranging a different number of tiles combinations. You need to know what each type does so that you can use them strategically in the game. We have listed them all below to have an idea about; how to get and when to use it.


You can create it by combining four tiles. It clears out the entire row of tiles on a horizontal or vertical depending on how it was created. If the column is built using tiles, it will be clear horizontal. On the other hand, it will be clear vertically. So before making a rocket, please keep it on your mind.


If you can match five tiles in an L shape, then it produces a bomb. You can use bombs to remove all the tiles in a two-square radius. Be careful when using it near the edge of the board as there you cannot be able to use the maximum power of the clearing.

Paper Plane

Paper airplane is a unique kind of power-ups that are rarely seen in the other match-three games. To get that, you have to match four tiles in a square. It will clear the four tiles in a cross pattern. After that, it will fly to a single tile and remove it as well. It may seem inefficient, but can be a lifesaver when used correctly. Many times, you’ll find puzzles that require clear individual tiles. It is pretty easy to clean in the beginning, but as level progress, it will be harder to solve. There it is the best resource to use. Make sure you use them in the final part of the puzzle to maximize the unique potential.

Rainbow Ball

When you can match five tiles in rows or columns, it will produce you a Rainbow Ball. When exchanging the tiles, it will remove all instances of the tiles on the board. This is probably the most difficult to do and the most useful thing to clean a lot of tiles. Not only that, but you can also delete all instances of a particular tile.

In addition to this individually, you can try them together as much as you can for even better effects. Combining the paper airplane with a rocket or a bomb would have a plane carrying explosives to the final destination. It allows you to set off explosives in a different location. There are many powerful combinations that can potentially wipe out the entire board in a single step.

All power-ups combo

Power UpsFunctions
Plane + PlaneClears a 3 x 3 area and 3 random obstacles
Plane + Bomb / RocketDoes the same as a paper plane
Rocket + RocketClears a row and a column
Bomb + RocketClears 3 rows and 3 columns
Bomb + BombExplode with a bigger radius of 36 tiles
Rainbow Ball + Rainbow BallClears everything on the game-field
Rainbow Ball + BombReplace all the elements of the same color with Bombs
Rainbow Ball + RocketEliminate all the elements of the same color with Rocket
Rainbow Ball + PlaneClear all the elements of the same color with Paper Plane

Learn How Special Tiles Work

As level progress, you will see some unique tiles that behave differently. If you know about it before you face that strange condition, you can encounter them well. Here I listed those types of unique tiles that you will see in Homescapes game.


These stages have carpets that require to spread across the board. You can do this by matching those tiles that already have under the carpet. To cover, make a match where at least one tile on the carpet. Otherwise, you are just wasting move because it will not help you anyway.


Box cleared by matching tiles next to them. They cannot be exchanged with other tiles, but they will allow power up to pass through them. If you use the power-up next to the Box, it will not remove the Box.


The characters of Cookie just like Box. You can remove it when you match tiles beside them. One feature that makes it different from Boxes is that you can swap with other tiles to create a match.

Also, you can use power-ups to clear cookies.  But it does not let the power up to pass-through. It means when you use a rocket beside Cookie, it will destroy the cookies without clean up the rest of the row or column.

How to Renovate the House?

When you have enough stars, you can start working on renovating the house. In this case, you have to follow the quest Austin gives you. Just tap on the checkmark to open a menu list of tasks. The task requires a different number of stars to accomplish. Select the one you want to do and watch the Unfold scene of involving characters in the game. Once the story is completed, you will be asked to choose the design you want for certain parts of the house.

Basically, renovation is divided into days. After you complete a set of renovations or make some improvements, you will receive bonus coins or power-up. Remember that, finishing the day will not restore your stamina. So, it is best to go ahead with the renovation. Do not worry because you can always go back to a previous renovation if you want to change their design.

Final verdict

Difficult challenges, animated characters with scope to enhance your decoration capabilities, Homescapes is one of the best games in recent times. This game loved by millions of people, so the developer created some tough stages to pass. To successfully overcome those stages, you have to know essential tips and tricks. Additionally, if you know, necessary Homescapes Cheats, it will be easier for you. In this article, I tried my best to inform all the tips, tricks, and cheats. I hope you will find this helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Skip the Renovations?
Yes! You can. If you do not want to renovate what Austin asks, it does not hamper your game progress. It’s up to you. But if you do so definitely, you will miss a lot of fun. Keep in mind that you cannot return to the previous puzzle to replay them. But there is still a chance to renovate the entire house in one go. To do that, you have to collect as many stars as you can.